Our Process


To begin with, we like to understand your business and your objectives.

We really like to understand what your business values are, what makes you stand out and what your growth plans are.



Once we understand your business, we focus on your data assets, using analysis to understand who your best customers are (and your worst), their preferred marketing channels and what makes them buy.

We’ll also use this time to identify other opportunities that may exist in your lapsed customer databases, not taken up enquiries along with cross sell or upsell opportunities.



Using this knowledge, we create campaign segments or audiences. This allows us to create bespoke campaigns that are relevant to each audience and so more engaging and ultimately more responsive.



We build a sales funnel for each audience. Each funnel is its own campaign. This allows us to create compelling campaigns that are more personalised and therefore more relevant to each audience.

Our technology delivers these bespoke campaigns seamlessly optimising the customer journey and reporting on each in real time enabling to constantly increase response and improve ROI.



Campaigns can have a variety of outcomes. It may be a completed enquiry form, a website purchase, voucher redemption on-line or in-store. In some cases, a customer may request a call back or need more information by email or text message. Our platform easily deals with each campaign outcome quickly and efficiently. Our teams are trained to convert each outcome to give our clients the best chance of success.



Our technology generates real time reporting providing vital information that allows us to continually monitor each campaign’s effectiveness.

Whether it’s A/B testing, channel testing, social media sharing or email response, we access the information that allows us to maximise the campaigns success.


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