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SEO – search engine optimisation – the process of where you make your website as visible as possible to internet users without using any paid search. Terms associated with SEO are natural or organic search.

Some Points To Improve SEO –

  • Editing website content to be more relevant to specific key word search terms.
  • Updating content regularly to not move down the search ranks.
  • Backlinks are also important to drive traffic to different pages of a website – search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website’s search engine, ranking, popularity and importance.
  • Use alt tags (text alternatives) for any visual media, videos for example – it allows search engines to find your page.


Responsiveness - Making websites mobile and tablet friendly – everything stays the same (images HTML and descriptions) but the CSS* changes the browser width so it is easier to view on a device. There are other ways of making websites mobile friendly depending on their products etc. Example, building a separate mobile site that is usually on a subdomain.


Retargeting– Where you target users who have already visited your website with banner adverts on display networks across the web.

You track users by placing a pixel on either part or whole of your website. When they visit these pages they are added to an audience that is cookied (remembered) and if they visit any other sites in the display networks you are running retargeting ads on, they are shown the ads.

You can control quite well who sees your ads and who doesn’t and if any person from an audience converts then a separate pixel will fire removing them from being retargeted. However, you can choose to add different pixels if you want converting customers to look at other ads.

Click through conversion – how many clicks that ad has generated.

View-through conversion – where you can view the process of someone clicking on an ad and then converting on the advertiser’s website.

Some of the top retargeting companies:

  • Adroll
  • ReTargeter
  • Fetchback
  • Chango – specialize in search retargeting – targeting people who have searched recently on google instead of visiting a site.


PPC – ads on Bing ,Google and Yahoo – a way of buying visits to your site instead of earning them organically through paying per click.

In some cases ads are charged per 1000 impressions (1 impression is where the ad has been viewed once on one person’s computer)

For Adwords there is a bidding system in place where the cost per click for your key word depends on how popular it is and where you want your ad to be viewed i.e. first page

PPC is very effective but companies must have the time and skills it takes to continuously monitor and change ads, establish new budgets and tweak keywords for optimal performance.


Social Advertising–Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

  •  Can target very precisely
  • Increases brand recognition
  • Improves brand loyalty
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More opportunities to convert
  • Higher brand authority
  • More inbound traffic
  • Lower marketing costs (if used correctly)
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Richer customer experiences
  • Good customer insights (you can see what they are talking about).


URLs – a URL is a web address - must be readable and simple. People are more likely to click on a simple looking web address.

If the URL used has any words that are the website’s key words this is great for SEO.

Location relevancy – google knows where you are and thinks it should serve things that are local to you first.


Blogs – Drives more traffic as it is one more indexed page on your website which helps your organic search rankings. It can also help you be found through social media as blog posts can be shared easily to all the different networks.

Blogging can help turn visitors into leads with lead-generating call to action, by letting them exchange their information for a free guide or free trial for example after reading a blog post.

It can help “establish authority”. Posting an informative blog that might answer any questions existing customers or viewers may have will help them see you as an authority.

Long term results can be gained from blogging, even if results are not immediate in terms of views and leads generated, those blogs will rank in search engines so will generate more views and leads for months to come.


Social Content & Links – traffic to website, keeps brand advocates engaged if you keep posting content, you can update them with new product lines, sales etc.


Reviews – A lot of people will read reviews before making a purchasing decision. They increase conversions as they eliminate any doubts a buyer might have before making an informed decision to buy.

Helps provide fresh, new content to improve SEO.

People will be more likely to search the name of the product along with the word “review” or “ratings” so if you have reviews on your site, you have a good chance of picking up the traffic that is using those search terms.


Case Studies – The benefits:

  • The company learns a lot from their own product and results
  • Potential clients will be able to see you have had success based on real results, not just theories.
  • They take away talking about you and can be described from the happy client’s perspective.
  • They can be shown in different forms from videos to pdfs to blog posts.


Random techy stuff…

HTML – HyperText Markup Language – the coding/language used in the form of tags to create web pages.

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets – the visual layout of website pages. 

Web crawlers – automated scripts that occasionally look at your website – they belong to search engines and they look at websites all the time – they send back information to the search engine records, according to a complex algorithm as to what the sites about and what the key words are – then search engines build an index from this information. One of the parameters measures differences and if websites do not update their content frequently then their ranking will drop.

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